Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Control of the vehicle, New vehicle running-in, Ignition switch positions, Starting the engine

Control of the vehicle

Never coast with engine not running

Many systems will not function in this situation (e.g. brake servo unit, power steering). Driving in this manner is a danger to yourself and others.


To ensure the pedal travel is uninhibited, there must be no mats in the area of the pedals.

New vehicle running-in

Do not brake unnecessarily hard for the first few journeys.

During the first drive, smoke may occur because of wax and oil evaporating off the exhaust system.

Park the vehicle in the open for a while after the first drive and avoid inhaling the fumes.

Fuel and engine oil consumption may be higher during the running-in period.

Ignition switch positions

Ignition switch positions
Ignition switch positions

0 = Ignition off.

1 = Steering wheel lock released, ignition off.

2 = Ignition on, for diesel engine: preheating.

3 = Starting.

Starting the engine

Starting the engine
Starting the engine

Operate clutch and brake, automatic transmission in P or N;
Do not accelerate;
Diesel engine: turn the key to position 2 for preheating and wait until control indicator Turn key briefly to position 3 and goes out;
Turn key briefly to position 3 and release.

Before restarting or to switch off the engine, turn key back to 0.

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