Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Overrun cut-off, Parking

Overrun cut-off

The fuel supply is automatically cut off during overrun, i.e. when the vehicle is driven with a gear engaged but accelerator is released. Overrun cutoff is deactivated if catalytic converter temperature is high.


■ Do not park the vehicle on an easily ignitable surface. The high temperature of the exhaust system could ignite the surface.

■ Always apply parking brake without pressing release button. Apply as firmly as possible on downhill or uphill slopes. Depress the foot brake at the same time to reduce operating force.

■ Switch off the engine and ignition.

Turn the steering wheel until the steering wheel lock engages.

■ If the vehicle is on a level surface or uphill slope, engage first gear or set the selector lever to P before switching off the ignition. On an uphill slope, turn the front wheels away from the kerb.

If the vehicle is on a downhill slope, engage reverse gear or set the selector lever to P before switching off the ignition. Turn the front wheels towards the kerb.

■ Lock the vehicle and activate the anti-theft locking system and the anti-theft alarm system.

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