Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Manual transmission automated, Transmission display, Starting the engine, Selector lever

Manual transmission automated

This transmission permits manual (manual mode) or automatic gear shifting (automatic mode), both with automatic clutch control.

Transmission display

Transmission display
Transmission display

Shows the mode and current gear.

The display flashes for a few seconds when A, M or R is selected with the engine running and the foot brake not activated.

Starting the engine

Depress the foot brake when starting the engine. If the foot brake is not depressed, instrument cluster, "N" flashes in the illuminates in the
instrument cluster, "N" flashes in the transmission display and the engine cannot be started.

Starting is not possible if all brake lights fail.

When the foot brake is depressed, the transmission automatically shifts to N upon starting. There may be a slight delay.

Selector lever

Selector lever
Selector lever

Always move the selector lever in the appropriate direction as far as it will go. Upon release, it automatically returns to the centre position.

N = Neutral.

A = Switch between automatic and manual mode. The
transmission display shows A or M.

R = Reverse gear. Engage only when vehicle is stationary.

+ = Shift to a higher gear.

- = Shift to a lower gear.

Starting off

Depress the foot brake and move the selector lever to A, + or -. The transmission is in automatic mode and first gear is engaged. If R is selected, reverse gear is engaged.

The vehicle starts to move when the brake is released.

To start off without depressing the foot brake, accelerate immediately after engaging a gear.

If neither the accelerator nor the brake pedal are depressed, no gear is engaged and A or R flashes for a brief time in the display.

Stopping the vehicle

In A, first gear is engaged and the clutch is released when the vehicle is stopped. In R, reverse gear remains engaged.

Engine braking

Automatic mode

When driving downhill, the manual transmission automated does not shift into higher gears until a fairly high engine speed has been reached.

It shifts down in good time when braking.

Manual mode

To utilise the engine braking effect, select a lower gear in good time when driving downhill.

Rocking the vehicle

Rocking the vehicle is only permissible if the vehicle is stuck in sand, mud or snow. Move the selector lever between R and A (or + or -) in a repeat pattern. Do not race the engine and avoid sudden


Apply the parking brake. The most recently engaged gear (see transmission display) remains engaged. With N, no gear is engaged.

When the ignition is switched off the transmission no longer responds to movement of the selector lever.

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