Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Manual mode, Electronic driving programmes

Manual mode

If a higher gear is selected when the engine speed is too low, or a lower gear when the speed is too high, the shift is not executed. This prevents the engine from running at too low or too high an engine speed.

If engine speed is too low, the transmission automatically shifts to a lower gear.

If engine speed is too high, the transmission only switches to a higher gear via kickdown.

When + or - is selected in automatic mode, the transmission switches to manual mode and shifts accordingly.

Electronic driving programmes

■ Following a cold start, the operating temperature programme increases engine speed to quickly bring the catalytic converter to the required temperature.

■ The adaptive programme tailors gearshifting to the driving conditions, e.g. greater load or gradients.

Sport mode
Sport mode

Shift times are reduced when the Sport mode is enabled, and the gears are shifted at higher engine speeds, although not when cruise control is activated.


Press the S button.

Control indicator Deactivation.


The Sport mode is switched off by: ■ pressing the S button again, ■ turning off the ignition, ■ activating the Winter mode .

Winter mode
Winter mode Activate the Winter mode if you have

Activate the Winter mode if you have problems starting off on a slippery road surface.


Press the The transmission

The transmission
switches to automatic mode. The vehicle starts off in 2nd gear. Sport mode is deactivated.


The Winter mode is switched off by: ■ pressing the again,

■ turning off the ignition, ■ switching to manual mode (when switched back to automatic mode, the Winter mode is again active), ■ when clutch temperature is too high.


If the accelerator pedal is pressed past the pressure point, the transmission shifts to a lower gear depending on engine speed.

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