Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Parking assist

Parking assist
Parking assist

The parking assist makes parking easier by measuring the distance between the vehicle and obstacles. It is the driver, however, who bears full responsibility for parking.

The system consists of four ultrasonic parking sensors bumper mounted.

Control indicator Notice:.

Attached parts in the detection area cause system malfunction.


When reverse gear is engaged, the system switches itself on automatically.

The system can also be activated at low speed by pressing the button.

An obstacle is indicated by buzzers.

The interval between the buzzers becomes shorter as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle. When the distance is less than 30 cm (1 ft), the buzzer is continuous.

Under certain circumstances, various reflective surfaces on objects or clothing as well as external noise sources may cause the system to fail to detect obstacles.


Deactivate the system by pressing the The system automatically switches button.

The system automatically switches itself off when reverse gear is disengaged.

Towing equipment

The system automatically detects factory-fitted towing equipment.

The rear parking sensors are deactivated when towing.

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