Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Accessories and vehicle modifications, Vehicle storage

Accessories and vehicle modifications

We recommend using Genuine Parts and Accessories and factory approved parts specific for your vehicle type. We cannot assess or guarantee reliability of other products - even if they have a regulatory or otherwise granted approval.

Do not make any modifications to the electrical system, e.g. changes of electronic control units (chip tuning).

Vehicle storage

Storage for a long period of time

Following must be done if the vehicle should be stored for several months: ■ Wash and wax the vehicle.

■ Have the wax in the engine compartment and underbody checked.

■ Clean and preserve rubber seals.

■ Change engine oil.

■ Drain washer fluid reservoir.

■ Check coolant antifreeze and corrosion protection.

■ Adjust tyre pressure to the value specified for full load.

■ Park vehicle in dry, well ventilated place. Engage first or reverse gear or set selector lever to P. Prevent the vehicle from rolling.

■ Do not apply parking brake.

■ Open bonnet, close all doors and lock the vehicle.

■ Disconnect the clamp from the negative terminal of the vehicle battery. Beware that all systems are not functional, e.g. anti-theft alarm system.

Putting back into operation

Following must be done if the vehicle is putting back into operation: ■ Connect the clamp to the negative terminal of the vehicle battery.

Activate the electronics of the power windows.

■ Check tyre pressure.

■ Fill up the washer fluid reservoir.

■ Check the engine oil level.

■ Check the coolant level.

■ Fit the number plate if necessary.

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