Opel Corsa Owners Manual: End-of-life vehicle recovery, Performing work, Bonnet

End-of-life vehicle recovery

Information on end-of-life vehicle recovery centres and the recycling of end-of-life vehicles is available on our website. Only entrust this work to an authorised recycling centre.

Performing work

Performing work
Performing work

Only perform engine compartment checks when the ignition is off.

The cooling fan may start operating even if the ignition is off.

The ignition system and Xenon headlights use extremely high voltage. Do not touch.

The caps for topping up the engine oil, the coolant, the washer fluid and the oil dipstick handle are yellow for ease of identification.



Pull the release lever and return it to its original position.

Lift the safety catch upwards and

Lift the safety catch upwards and open the bonnet.

Air intake.

Secure the bonnet support.

Secure the bonnet support.


Before closing the bonnet, press the support into the holder.

Lower the bonnet and allow it to drop into the catch. Check that the bonnet is engaged.

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