Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Brakes, Brake fluid, Battery


A squealing noise indicates that the brake lining is at its minimum thickness. Continued driving is possible but have the brake lining replaced as soon as possible.

Once new brake linings are installed, do not brake unnecessarily hard for the first few journeys.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is poisonous and corrosive. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, fabrics and painted surfaces.

The brake fluid level must be between

The brake fluid level must be between the MIN and the MAX marks.

When topping up, ensure maximum cleanliness as contamination of the brake fluid can lead to brake system malfunctions. Have the cause of the loss of brake fluid remedied by a workshop.

Only use high-performance brake fluid approved for the vehicle, Brake and clutch fluid.


The vehicle battery is maintenancefree.Batteries do not belong in household waste. They must be disposed of at an appropriate recycling collection point.

Laying up the vehicle for more than 4 weeks can lead to battery discharge. Disconnect the clamp from the negative terminal of the vehicle battery.

Ensure the ignition is switched off before connecting or disconnecting the vehicle battery.

The anti-theft alarm siren must be deactivated as follows: switch the ignition on then off, disconnect the vehicle's battery within 15 seconds.

Replacing the battery

When the battery is being replaced, please ensure that there are no open ventilation holes in the vicinity of the positive terminal. If a ventilation hole is open in this area, it must be closed off with a dummy cap, and the ventilation in the vicinity of the negative terminal must be opened.

Only use batteries that allow the fuse box to be mounted above the battery.

We recommend that you have the battery replaced by a workshop.

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