Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Diesel fuel system bleeding, Wiper blade replacement

Diesel fuel system bleeding

If the tank has been run dry, the diesel fuel system must be bled. Switch on the ignition three times for 15 seconds at a time. Then start the engine for a maximum of 40 seconds (for technical reasons only 30 seconds are possible on engines
A 17 DTR/Z 17 DTR). Repeat this process after no less than 5 seconds.

If the engine fails to start, seek the assistance of a workshop.

Wiper blade replacement

Service setting for front
Service setting for front windscreen wipers

Switch off the ignition but do not remove ignition key or open driver's door.

Within 4 seconds, push the wiper lever down and release as soon as the wipers are vertical.

Wiper blades on the windscreen
Wiper blades on the windscreen

Lift the wiper arm, tilt wiper blade at a 90 angle to the wiper arm and remove to the side.

Wiper blade on the rear window
Wiper blade on the rear window

Lift wiper arm. Disengage wiper blade as shown in illustration and remove.

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