Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Engine/transmission mountings - removal and refitting


1. The engine/transmission assembly is supported in a triangular arrangement of three mountings: one on the right-hand side supporting the engine, one on the left-hand side supporting the transmission and a third centrally sited mount supporting the complete assembly at the rear.

2. To remove either of the front mountings position a jack under the engine or transmission adjacent to the mounting and just take the weight of the engine or transmission.

3. Undo the bolts securing the support bracket to the engine or gearbox and the bolts securing the mounting to the bodyframe. Lift off the bracket and remove the relevant mounting.

4. To remove the rear mounting jack up the front of the car and support it on axle stands.

5. Support the engine/transmission assembly under the differential cover plate using a jack and interposed block of wood.

6. Undo the two bolts securing the mounting to the underbody and the through-bolt and nut securing the mounting to the support bracket. Slide the mounting rearwards out of the bracket and remove it from under the car.


7. In all cases refitting is the reverse sequence to removal, but tighten the retaining bolts to the specified torque. Where thread locking compound was evident on the old bolts, clean out the bolt holes using a tap (or an old bolt with a slot cut in its threads); clean the bolt threads and apply thread locking compound.

8. If there is an arrow stamped on the rear mounting, it should point to the front when the mounting is fitted.

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