Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Sump - removal and refitting


1. Jack up the front of the car and support it on axle stands.

2. Drain the engine oil into a suitable container and refit the plug after draining.

3. Unbolt the exhaust downpipe(s) from the exhaust manifold.

4. Undo the bolts securing the flywheel cover plate to the transmission bellhousing and remove the plate.

5. Undo the retaining bolts and lift away the sump. It will probably be necessary to tap the sump from side to side with a hide or plastic mallet to release the joint face.

6. On later models, where necessary, unbolt the oil pick-up pipe support bracket (see illustration). If the engine is in the car, it will be easier to remove the baffle plate if the oil pick-up pipe is removed completely.

OHC engines
Oil pick-up support bracket

7. Remove the baffle plate and recover the gasket(s). On some models a double-sided rubber gasket is used; on other models there are two cork gaskets (see illustrations).

OHC engines
Removing the oil baffle plate. This model has two cork gaskets . . .

OHC engines
. . . while this one has one double-sided rubber gasket


8. On later models, where the baffle plate has been removed, ensure that the surfaces are clean and dry and refit the plate using new gasket(s) (as applicable). Refit the oil pick-up pipe bracket and securely tighten its retaining bolts.

9. On all models, thoroughly clean the sump in paraffin or a suitable solvent and remove all traces of external dirt and internal sludge.

Scrape away the remains of the old gasket from the sump and crankcase faces and ensure that they are clean and dry.

10. Apply jointing compound to the oil pump housing joint, the crankcase mating face and the rear main bearing cap joint, then place a new gasket in position.

11. Apply jointing compound to the sump face and retaining bolt threads, place the sump in position and refit the bolts.

Progressively tighten the bolts in a diagonal sequence.

12. Refit the exhaust downpipe(s) and flywheel cover plate, lower the car to the ground and fill the engine with oil.

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