Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Crankshaft front oil seal - removal and refitting


1. Remove the camshaft toothed belt. On 1.6 (16SH), 1.8 and 2.0 litre models, note that it will also be necessary to undo the crankshaft sprocket centre bolt and remove the sprocket and spacers, noting their correct fitted locations.

2. On later models, remove the remaining camshaft toothed belt sprockets then undo the retaining bolts and remove the toothed belt cover backplate.

3. Remove the crankshaft sprocket, using two screwdrivers to lever it off if it is tight. Remove the Woodruff key.

4. Punch or drill a small hole in the metal face of the oil seal, screw in a self-tapping screw and use this to lever out the seal. Several attempts may be necessary. Be careful not to damage the sealing face of the crankshaft.


5. Apply PVC tape to the step on the crankshaft nose to protect the seal lip as it is fitted.

6. Lubricate the lip of the seal and, using a suitable tube, tap the seal into its location.

Remove the masking tape.

7. Refit the toothed belt cover backplate, sprockets and belt as described in the earlier Sections of this Chapter.

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