Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Engine components - examination and renovation


1. With the camshaft removed, examine the bearings for signs of obvious wear and pitting.

If evident, a new camshaft housing will probably be required.

2. The camshaft itself should show no marks or scoring on the journal or cam lobe surfaces. If evident, renew the camshaft.

When renewing a camshaft, it should be noted that, in some instances, a camshaft with undersize bearing journals and appropriately-machined carrier journals may have been fitted by the manufacturer. Where applicable, such camshafts are colour-coded violet for identification, and this should be checked to ensure that the correct replacement is obtained.

3. The retaining plate should appear unworn and without grooves. In any event, check the camshaft endfloat and fit a new plate where necessary.

4. The housing front oil seal should always be renewed at major overhaul.

Camshaft toothed belt

5. Closely inspect the belt for cracking, fraying or tooth deformation. Where evident, renew the belt.

6. If the belt has been in use for 30 000 miles or more, it is recommended that it is renewed even if it appears in good condition.

7. Whenever the original belt is to be removed, but is going to be used again, always note its running direction before removing it. It is even worthwhile marking the tooth engagement points on each sprocket.

As the belt will have worn in a set position, refitting it in exactly the same way will prevent any increase in noise which might otherwise occur when the engine is running.

Valve lifters, rockers and thrust pads

8. Any signs of wear in a hydraulic lifter can only be rectified by renewal, the unit cannot be dismantled.

9. Inspect the rockers and thrust pads for wear or grooving. Again, renew if evident.

Piston/bore grade marks

10. The number or code denoting the piston and bore grade (see Specifications) will be found on the sump sealing surface of the smaller engines, and near the engine number on the larger engines.

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