Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Engine - removal and refitting


1. The engine is removed with the transmission by lowering the two out of the engine bay. They can then be separated on the bench.

2. Disconnect both leads from the battery.

3. Depressurise the fuel system.

4. Remove the bonnet.

5. Remove the air cleaner.

6. Disconnect the idle adjuster hose from the pre-volume chamber. Remove the screws from the pre-volume chamber, disconnect the multi-plug from the air mass meter and remove the pre-volume chamber and air mass meter together.

7. Drain the cooling system.

8. Disconnect all coolant and heater hoses from the engine.

9. Disconnect the brake servo vacuum hose at the servo.

10. Disconnect the accelerator cable.

11. Disconnect the fuel supply and return pipes from the fuel injector rail. Be prepared for fuel spillage. Release the pipes from any clips or ties and move them out of the way.

12. Remove the exhaust manifold securing nuts and heat shield.

13. Disconnect the engine wiring harness multi-plug next to the expansion tank.

14. Disconnect the multi-plugs from the fuel injectors and the throttle valve switch. Also unbolt the earth straps from the fuel rail.

15. Disconnect the HT distributor-to-ignition coil lead and the LT multi-plug from the distributor.

16. Disconnect the wiring harness multi-plug at the left-hand suspension turret.

17. In the area of the right-hand suspension turret, disconnect the multi-plugs for the inductive pulse sensor and (if applicable) the vent valve and the oxygen sensor.

18. Disconnect the wiring from the two temperature sensors on the thermostat housing.

19. On the rear of the engine disconnect the multi-plugs from the knock sensor, the idle speed adjuster and the oil temperature switch.

20. Disconnect the oil level sensor and the reversing light switch.

21. Unbolt the earth strap from the transmission.

22. Disconnect the speedometer cable, or disconnect the speedometer sender multi-plug, as applicable (see illustration).

DOHC (16-valve) engine
Speedometer sender (used with digital instrument panel)

23. Engage second gear, then disconnect the gearchange remote control by undoing the pinch-bolt.

24. Disconnect the clutch cable.

25. Slacken the front wheel bolts, raise and securely support the front of the car and remove the front wheels.

26. On models with power steering, remove the pump drivebelt. Unbolt the pump and move it aside without disconnecting its hoses.

Support it so that the hoses are not strained.

27. Disconnect the oil cooler lines from the filter housing. Be prepared for oil spillage.

28. Remove the exhaust manifold.

29. Separate the control arm balljoints from the steering knuckles.

30. Separate the driveshafts from the final drive housing. Be prepared for oil spillage. Plug the holes and tie the driveshafts up out of the way.

31. Attach the lifting tackle to the engine/transmission and take the weight.

Check that no cables, hoses etc are still attached or are otherwise in the way.

32 Unbolt the engine/transmission mountings in the following order:

  1. LH front.
  2. Rear.
  3. RH front.

33. Carefully lower the assembly through the engine bay to the ground. If necessary lift the vehicle off the engine to enable it to be withdrawn.


34. When refitting, apply thread-locking compound to the engine/ transmission mounting bolts. Tighten them finger tight at first, then to the specified torque in the following order:

  1. LH front.
  2. RH front.
  3. Rear

35. The remainder of refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure.

Engine - initial start-up after overhaul

1. Disregard the instructions to check the idle speed and valve clearances.

2. If new camshafts have been fitted, it is suggested that the running-in schedule specified.

3. Run the engine until the cooling fan cuts in.

If the hydraulic tappets have been disturbed, they may be noisy for a few minutes until they settle down.

4. Switch the engine off, remove the camshaft cover and tighten the cylinder head bolts through the final specified stage.

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