Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Fuel pump - testing, removal and refitting

Note: Refer to the warning note in Section 1 before proceeding.


1. To test the fuel pump on the engine, disconnect the outlet pipe which leads to the carburettor, and hold a wad of rag over the pump outlet while an assistant spins the engine on the starter. Keep the hands away from the electric cooling fan. Regular spurts of fuel should be ejected as the engine turns.

2. The pump can also be tested by removing it.

With the pump outlet pipe disconnected but the inlet pipe still connected, hold a wad of rag by the outlet. Operate the pump lever by hand, moving it in and out; if the pump is in good condition the lever should move and return smoothly and a strong jet of fuel ejected.


3. Disconnect the battery earth lead.

4. Mark the pump inlet and outlet hoses, for identification purposes then slacken both retaining clips (see illustration). Place wads of rag beneath the hose unions to catch any spilled fuel then disconnect both hoses from the pump and plug the hose ends to minimise fuel loss.

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
Fuel inlet (A) and outlet (B) hose connections - typical

5. Remove the pump retaining nuts or bolts and washers and withdraw the pump from the engine. Recover the spacer and (where necessary) the gaskets on either side of it (see illustration).

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
Removing the fuel pump (1.3 litre engine shown)


6. Refitting is a reversal of removal, but use new flange joint gaskets (where necessary).

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