Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: 2E3 carburettor - overhaul

Note: Refer to the note at the beginning.

1. With the carburettor removed from the vehicle, drain the fuel from the float chamber and vapour separator. Clean the outside of the carburettor.

2. Remove the hoses and wires from the carburettor, making identifying marks or notes to avoid confusion on reassembly (see illustrations).

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
Top view of 2E3 carburettor

  1. Vapour separator
  2. Choke cover
  3. Choke pull-down unit
  4. Fuel hose
  5. Thermotime valve
  6. Secondary throttle vacuum unit

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
2E3 carburettor - choke cover side view

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
Side view showing accelerator pump (1) and choke pull-down unit (2)

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
View showing part load enrichment valve (1) and accelerator pump cam (2)

3. Access to the jets and float chamber is obtained by removing the top half of the carburettor, which is secured by five screws.

Blow through the jets and drillings with compressed air, or air from a foot pump - do not probe them with wire. If it is wished to remove the jets, unscrew them carefully with well-fitting tools.

4. Remove the fuel strainer from the inlet pipe by hooking it out with a small screwdriver, or by snaring it with a long thin screw. Renew the strainer (see illustration).

Fuel and exhaust systems - carburettor models
Fuel inlet fuel strainer

5. Clean any foreign matter from the float chamber. Renew the inlet needle valve and seat if wear is evident, or if a high mileage has been covered. Renew the float if it is punctured or otherwise damaged.

6. No procedure has been specified for float level adjustment. Simply check that the inlet needle valve is closed completely before the float reaches the top of its stroke.

7. Renew the diaphragms in the part load enrichment valve and in the accelerator pump.

If additional pump or valve parts are supplied in the overhaul kit, renew these parts also.

8. Further dismantling is not recommended.

Pay particular attention to the throttle opening mechanism if it is decided to dismantle it: the interlocking arrangement is important.

9. Reassemble in the reverse order to dismantling. Use new gaskets and seals throughout; lubricate linkages with a smear of molybdenum based grease.

10. Before refitting the carburettor, carry out the checks and adjustments.

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