Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Alternator drivebelt - removal, refitting and tensioning

Refer to the procedure given for the auxiliary drivebelt(s).

Alternator - removal and refitting


1. Disconnect the battery earth (negative) lead.

2. Make a note of the electrical connections at the rear of the alternator, then disconnect the multi-plug, spade terminals or other connectors as appropriate.

3. Remove the alternator strap bolts, noting the short earth lead which links the alternator to the engine. Slacken the pivot bolt, swing the alternator towards the engine and remove the drivebelt.

4. Remove the pivot bolt and lift off the alternator. On one car examined, the pivot bolt had been inserted from the 'wrong' side so that it could not be withdrawn far enough to release the alternator: in this case it is necessary to unbolt the alternator mounting from the block.

5. Take care not to knock or drop the alternator.


6. Refit in the reverse order to removal; tension the drivebelt.

Alternator - testing and overhaul

If the alternator is thought to be suspect, it should be removed from the vehicle and taken to an auto-electrician for testing. Most autoelectricians will be able to supply and fit brushes at a reasonable cost. However, check on the cost of repairs before proceeding as it may prove more economical to obtain a new or exchange alternator.

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