Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Distributor - overhaul

1.3 and 1.4 litre carburettor models

1. Remove the distributor from the engine, as described in the previous Section.

2. Undo the two retaining screws and lift off the rotor (see illustration).

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Exploded view of AC Delco breakerless type distributor - 1.3 litre models

  1. Distributor cap
  2. Rotor
  3. Shaft
  4. Pin
  5. Drive dog
  6. Spring
  7. Washer
  8. Spring
  9. O-ring
  10. Body
  11. Seal
  12. Ignition module
  13. Induction sensor
  14. Circlip
  15. Vacuum unit
  16. Plug to coil

3. Disconnect the two electrical plugs, one at each end, from the ignition module (see illustration).

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Disconnecting an electrical plug from the ignition module

4. Undo the two module retaining screws (see illustration), and withdraw the unit from the distributor.

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Ignition module securing screws (arrowed)

5. Undo the two vacuum unit retaining screws (see illustration), disengage the operating rod and remove the vacuum unit.

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Vacuum unit retaining screws (arrowed)

6. Due to its design and construction, this is the limit of dismantling possible on this distributor. It is possible to renew the rotor, vacuum unit, ignition module and distributor cap separately, but if inspection shows any of the components remaining on the distributor to be in need of attention, the complete distributor assembly must be renewed.

7. Check the distributor cap for corrosion of the segments, and for signs of tracking, indicated by a thin black line between the segments. Make sure that the carbon brush in the centre of the cap moves freely, and stands proud of its holder. Renew the cap if necessary.

8. If the metal portion of the rotor is badly burnt or loose, renew the rotor. If slightly burnt it may be cleaned with a fine file.

9.Suck on the end of the vacuum unit outlet, and check that the operating rod moves in as the suction is applied. Release the suction, and check that the rod returns to its original position. If this is not the case, renew the vacuum unit.

10. Inspect the distributor body and shaft assembly for excessive side movement of the shaft in its bushes. Check that the advance weights are free to move on their pivot posts, and that they return under the action of the springs. Check the security of all the components on the distributor shaft, and finally check for wear of the lug on the drive coupling.

11. Reassembly of the distributor is the reverse sequence to dismantling, but apply a few drops of engine oil to the advance weight pivot posts before refitting the rotor. If a new ignition module is being fitted, the new module will be supplied with a small quantity of silicone grease. This should be applied between the module and its housing, to improve heat dissipation.

12. Refit the distributor, after reassembly.

1.6 litre (16SH engine) and 1.8 litre (18E engine) models

13. Remove the distributor.

14. Pull off the rotor arm, and unclip the flash shield (see illustration).

Exploded view of the Bosch breakerless type distributor - 1.6 litre (16SH engine) and 1.8 litre (18E engine) models

  1. Vacuum unit
  2. Body
  3. Cap retaining clip
  4. O-ring
  5. Distributor cap
  6. Rotor
  7. Flash shield
  8. Top bearing plate
  9. Abutment ring

15. Although the top bearing plate can be removed after undoing its retaining screws, this is of academic interest, since no spare parts are available, neither are there any items requiring adjustment.

16. The vacuum unit can be renewed separately if required. Remove it by undoing the two retaining screws and unhooking the operating arm from the baseplate (see illustrations). Note that the screws are not of equal length; the longer screw also secures one of the distributor cap clips.

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Removing a vacuum unit retaining screw

Electronic (breakerless) ignition systems
Removing the vacuum unit

17. Test the vacuum unit.

18. Inspect the distributor cap and rotor.

19. Reassemble the distributor in the reverse order to that followed when dismantling.

Make sure that the vacuum unit operating arm is correctly engaged with the peg on the baseplate; several attempts may be needed to reconnect it.

20. Refit the distributor, after reassembly.

1.6 (16SV engine) litre carburettor models and 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 litre 16-valve fuel injection models

21. Overhaul of the distributor should be entrusted to a Vauxhall dealer.

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