Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Handbrake shoes (rear disc brake models) - renewal

Warning: Note that the dust created by wear of the shoes may contain asbestos, which is a health hazard. Never blow it out with compressed air and don't inhale any of it. An approved filtering mask should be worn when working on the brakes. DO NOT use petroleum-based solvents to clean brake parts. Use brake cleaner or methylated spirit only.

1. Remove the rear brake disc.

2. Disconnect the handbrake cable and the return spring from the backplate (see illustration).

Braking system
Handbrake cable and spring attachment (arrowed) on brake backplate - rear disc brake models

3. Remove the steady washers and springs by depressing the washers and turning them through 90º. Remove the rear steady pin. The front pin is captive on the backplate (see illustrations).

Braking system
Removing a steady washer . . .

Braking system
. . . and the rear steady pin

4. Remove the shoes complete with springs, adjuster and expander mechanism (see illustration). Unhook the springs and separate the components.

Braking system
Removing the handbrake shoe assembly

5. Clean the components and renew worn or damaged items. Apply a little high melting-point grease or anti-seize compound to the adjuster threads, then screw the adjuster in so that it is as short as possible.

6. Apply a smear of anti-seize compound to the shoe rubbing areas on the brake backplate (see illustration).

Braking system
Anti-seize compound applied to rubbing points (arrowed)

7. Assemble the shoes, adjuster and expander. Hook the springs into the holes in the shoes (see illustration).

Braking system
Handbrake shoe assembly ready for refitting

8. Offer the shoes to the backplate, fitting the leading shoe over the captive steady pin. Fit the other steady pin and the steady springs and washers.

9. Reconnect the handbrake cable and the return spring.

10. Refit the brake disc.

11. Adjust the handbrake.

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