Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: General information

The front suspension is fully independent. It consists of MacPherson struts; the coil springs surrounding the shock absorbers. An anti-roll bar is fitted to most models (see illustration).

Suspension and steering
Exploded view of the front suspension components

  1. Suspension assembly (LH)
  2. Cap
  3. Piston rod nut
  4. Strut mounting nut
  5. Strut top mounting
  6. Thrustwasher
  7. Spring seat
  8. Guide ring
  9. Damper ring
  10. Spring
  11. Bellows
  12. Ring nut
  13. Shock absorber cartridge
  14. Steering eye
  15. Steering knuckle
  16. Brake disc shield
  17. Circlips
  18. Hub bearing
  19. Hub
  20. Brake disc
  21. Driveshaft nut
  22. Brake caliper
  23. Control arm balljoint
  24. Balljoint nut
  25. Control arm clamp
  26. Control arm rear bush
  27. Control arm
  28. Mounting point
  29. Control arm pivot bush
  30. Control arm pivot bolt
  31. Anti-roll bar link bolt
  32. Anti-roll bar link
  33. Anti-roll bar
  34. Anti-roll bar mounting
  35. Anti-roll bar clamp
  36. Driveshaft

Rear suspension is by axle tube and twin trailing arms. Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers are used, mounted independently of each other. Again, an anti-roll bar is fitted to most models (see illustration). On 2.0 litre 16-valve models and auxiliary anti-roll bar is also fitted.

Suspension and steering
Exploded view of rear suspension components

  1. Shock absorber (Estate)
  2. Spring*
  3. Shock absorber (Hatchback)
  4. Spring*
  5. Hub nut
  6. Thrustwasher
  7. Outer bearing
  8. Hub
  9. Inner bearing
  10. Oil seal
  11. Stub axle
  12. Axle arm
  13. Axle arm bush
  14. Anti-roll bar
  15. Rubber damper

*Typical - alternative type may be fitted

A driver-operated level control system is available as an option on some models. The system enables the vehicle ride height and attitude to be maintained regardless of loading.

The steering gear is of rack and pinion type.

A collapsible steering column is fitted; on some models the top part of the column is adjustable to provide different steering wheel positions.

A steering damper is fitted to certain models without power assistance to reduce the feedback of shocks to the steering wheel.

Power assistance is available as an option on the larger-engined models. Assistance is by hydraulic pressure, generated in a pump driven from the crankshaft pulley.

    Suspension and steering
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