Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Front suspension strut - removal and refitting


1. Slacken the front wheel bolts, raise and support the vehicle and remove the front wheel.

2. Remove the split pin and undo the driveshaft retaining nut. Remove the nut and washer.

3. Unbolt the brake caliper and tie it up out of the way so that the hydraulic hose is not strained .

4. Disconnect the tie-rod and control arm balljoints using a balljoint separator.

5. Push the driveshaft out of the hub and tie it up out of the way. Remember that the vehicle must not be moved on its wheels without the hub bearing being clamped.

6. Undo the two securing nuts from the suspension turret and remove the strut downwards.


7. Commence refitting by offering the strut to the turret. Secure it with new self-locking nuts, tightened to the specified torque.

8. Lubricate the driveshaft splines and pass the driveshaft into the hub. Fit a new washer and castellated nut, but only tighten the nut finger tight at this stage.

9. Reconnect the control arm balljoint. Tighten the pin nut to the specified torque and secure it with a new split pin.

10. Reconnect the tie-rod balljoint. Fit a new self-locking nut and tighten it to the specified torque.

11. Clean out the brake caliper mounting bolt holes, then refit the caliper and secure with new bolts coated with thread locking compound. Tighten the bolts to the specified torque .

12. Tighten the driveshaft nut.

13. Refit the roadwheel, lower the vehicle and tighten the wheel bolts.

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