Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Front suspension strut - overhaul

Warning: Before attempting to dismantle the front/rear suspension strut a suitable tool to hold the coil spring in compression must be obtained Adjustable coil spring compressors are readily available and are recommended for this operation. Any attempt to dismantle the strut without such a tool is likely to result in damage or personal injury.

1. Remove the suspension strut.

2. Clamp the strut in a vice. Fit the spring compressor and tighten it to unload the pressure on the upper seat.

3. Hold the flats on the piston rod to stop it rotating and unscrew the piston rod nut. A 19 mm ring spanner with a deep offset will be needed.

4. Remove the top mounting and ball-bearing.

5. Carefully release the spring compressor.

Remove the spring seat, guide ring, damper ring and bellows, followed by the spring itself.

On later models also remove the rubber damping ring.

Suspension and steering
One method of unscrewing the strut ring nut

6. To remove the shock absorber cartridge, unscrew the ring nut from the top of the strut tube. This nut is very tight: one way of undoing it is to invert the strut so that the nut is clamped in the vice, then levering the strut round using a long bar and a bolt passed through the steering eye (see illustrations).

Suspension and steering
Removing the strut ring nut

Suspension and steering
Removing the strut ring nut

7. With the ring nut removed, the cartridge can be withdrawn and the new one fitted (see illustration). Secure it with a new ring nut, tightened to the specified torque. Do not clean the wax off the new nut.

Suspension and steering
Removing the shock absorber cartridge

8. Refit the rubber damping ring (where fitted) then compress the spring and refit it. (Strictly speaking it can be left in place when renewing the cartridge, but unless special tools are available for dealing with the ring nut, it will be too much in the way.) 9 Lubricate the top mounting ball-bearing with grease to GM spec 19 41 574. (The bearing cannot be renewed independently of the mounting) (see illustration).

Suspension and steering
Lug on spring seat (arrowed) points forwards on LH strut, rearwards on RH strut

10. Fit the top mounting to the strut piston rod, making sure that the lower thrustwasher is fitted with the raised edge upwards (see illustration). Hold the piston rod still and fit a new self-locking nut; tighten the nut to the specified torque.

Suspension and steering
Sectional view of strut top mounting

Lower thrustwasher B Upper thrustwasher

  1. Lower thrustwasher
  2. Upper thrustwasher

11. Release the spring compressor. Make sure that the ends of the springs are correctly seated.

12. Release the strut from the vice and refit it to the vehicle.

13. If new springs or shock absorbers are being fitted, it is good practice to fit new components to both sides. A great variety of springs is available: consult your GM dealer to be sure of obtaining the correct ones.

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