Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Front hub bearings - renewal

1. Remove the suspension strut.

2. Remove the securing screw and take off the brake disc.

3. Support the steering knuckle and press or drive out the hub. Alternatively, draw off the hub by screwing two wheel bolts onto progressively thicker packing pieces (see illustrations).

Suspension and steering
Removing the hub from the carrier

Suspension and steering
Hub removed from the carrier

4. Remove the brake disc shield.

5. Remove the two circlips (see illustrations)

Suspension and steering
Sectional view of front hub

  1. Outboard circlip
  2. Inboard circlip

6. If the bearing inner race stayed on the hub, press or pull it off.

7. Fit the outboard circlip to its groove in the steering knuckle so that the ends of the circlip will point downwards when the strut is installed.

8. Press the new bearing into position, acting only on the outer race, until it contacts the outboard circlip.

9. Fit the inboard circlip, again with the ends pointing downwards.

10. Refit the brake disc shield.

11. Support the bearing inner race with a tube and press the hub into position.

12. Refit and secure the brake disc.

13. Refit the suspension strut.

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