Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Rear hub bearings - adjustment

Early (pre 1992) models

1. Chock the front wheels. engage a gear (or P) and release the handbrake.

2. Remove the wheel trim. If the roadwheels have no central hole, slacken the wheel bolts.

3. Raise and support the rear of the vehicle so that the wheel is free to turn. If it has no central hole, remove it.

4. Prise off the hub grease cap using a stout screwdriver.

5. Remove the split pin from the hub nut.

Tighten the nut to 25 Nm, at the same time turning the wheel or brake drum in order to settle the bearings.

6. Slacken the hub nut until the thrustwasher behind the nut can just be moved by poking it with a screwdriver. Do not lever or twist against the hub nut or brake drum when testing the washer for freedom of movement

7. Insert a new split pin to secure the hub nut.

If the split pin holes are not aligned, tighten the nut to align the nearest holes, temporarily insert the split pin and check to see if the washer can still be moved. If it cannot, remove the split pin and back off the nut to the next set of holes.

8. When adjustment is correct, spread the legs of the split pin around the nut. Refit the grease cap, and the roadwheel is removed, and lower the vehicle. Tighten the wheel bolts if they were disturbed and refit the wheel trim.

9. If adjustment fails to cure noise or roughness, the bearings should be renewed, as described in the next Section.

Later (1992 onwards) models

10. On later models, adjustment of the rear hub bearings is not possible. The taper roller bearings fitted to earlier models are replaced with double-row roller type bearings which are sealed and are intended to last the vehicle's entire service life (see illustration).

Note: Never overtighten the hub nut beyond the specified torque setting in an attempt to "adjust" the bearing. If there is excess play in the hub bearing, the bearings must be renewed.

Suspension and steering
Rear wheel hub assembly - later (1992 onwards) models

  1. Hub
  2. Bearing housing
  3. Stud
  4. End cap (with integral wheel speed sensor - models with ABS)
  5. Bearings
  6. Sealing ring
  7. Pulse gear (ABS vehicles only)
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