Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Rear hub - removal and refitting


Early (pre 1992) models

1. Remove the brake drum/disc.

2. Prise off the hub grease cap, remove the split pin and undo the hub nut (see illustration).

Suspension and steering
Rear hub nut split pin

3. Pull the hub off the stub axle. Catch the thrustwasher and the outer bearing race, which will be displaced.

Later (1992) models

4. Remove the brake drum/disc.

5. Disconnect the ABS wheel speed sensor wiring connector (where necessary) then undo the four retaining nuts and remove the hub assembly from the vehicle.


Early (pre 1992) models

6. Fit the hub to the stub axle, being careful not to damage the oil seal. Fit the outer bearing race, the thrustwasher and the castellated nut (see illustrations).

Suspension and steering
Fit the outer bearing race . . .

Suspension and steering
. . . the washer and the castellated nut

7. Tighten the nut finger tight, then refit the brake drum/disc.

8. Adjust the bearings.

Later (1992 onwards) models

9. Ensure that the hub and carrier mating surfaces are clean and dry then fit the hub assembly. Refit the retaining nuts and tighten them securely 10 Reconnect the ABS sensor wiring connector (where necessary) and refit the drum/disc.

Rear hub bearings - renewal

Early (pre 1992) models

1. Remove the hub assembly.

2. Prise the oil seal out of the inboard side of the hub.

3. Extract the inner bearing race, then press or drive the bearing outer tracks from the hub.

4. Clean out the old grease from the hub cavity. Make sure the bearing seats are undamaged, then press or drive the new tracks squarely into the hub.

5. Generously grease the bearing races, the new oil seal and the bearing tracks. Half fill the space between the tracks with grease.

6. Fit the inner race and then the oil seal; lips inwards. Tap the seal into place with a tube or a piece of wood.

7. Refit the hub.

Later (1992 onwards) models

8. On later models if the bearings are worn the complete hub assembly must be renewed; it is not possible to renew the bearings separately.

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