Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Rear axle mounting bushes - renewal

1. The mounting bushes must always be renewed in pairs. Without doubt the opportunity should be taken to renew them if the axle is removed for some other reason.

They can be renewed with the axle in situ as follows.

2. Depressurise the level control system, when fitted.

3. Remove the rear springs, then reattach the shock absorber lower mountings.

4. On Estate and Van models, unbolt the brake pressure regulating valve spring bracket.

5. Unclip the brake flexible hose from the brackets on the underbody. If care is taken there is no need to disconnect the hoses.

6. Support the axle centrally with a hydraulic jack and a block of wood or a cradle.

7. Remove the axle arm mounting bolts and carefully lower the axle until the bushes are accessible. Bend the brake pipes slightly if necessary to avoid straining the flexible hoses.

8. Cut or chisel the flange from the outboard face of one bush. In order to restrain the axle from moving during this operation, the makers specify the use of a cranked link, one end of which bolts to the axle arm mounting, the other end carrying a pin which locates in the inner side of the bush (see illustration). Be careful not to knock the axle off the jack: provide additional supports if possible.

Suspension and steering
Cranked link used to support axle arm

9. Draw the old bush out from the inboard side to the outboard, using suitable tubes, bolts and washers. (The maker's special tool set for this job, consisting of the tubes etc plus the cranked link, is numbered KM-452-A). Removal of the bush will be easier if the axle arm around it is heated to 50º to 70ºC using hot air, steam or a soldering iron.

Do not use a naked flame: the fuel tank is not far away.

10. Coat the new bush with liquid detergent and draw it into place, observing the correct orientation, until the flange rests against the edge of the axle arm (see illustration).

Suspension and steering
Correct orientation of rear axle arm bush

11. Repeat the operations on the other side of the vehicle.

12. Raise and secure the axle, but do not tighten the axle arm bolts yet.

13. Secure the brake flexible hose to their brackets.

14. Refit the springs.

15. On Estate and Van models, refit the pressure regulating valve spring bracket.

16. Lower the vehicle onto its wheels, have two assistants sit in the front seats and tighten the axle arm mounting bolts to the specified torque.

17. When fitted, pressurise the level control system to 0.8 bar.

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