Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Steering gear - removal and refitting

Manual steering


1. Disconnect the battery earth lead.

2. On carburettor models only, remove the air cleaner.

3. On models with a headlamp washer system, release the fluid reservoir and move it to one side.

4. Remove both tie-rod bolts from the centre of the rack (see illustration). Recover the bolt locks, the spacer plate and the washers.

Suspension and steering
Tie-rod connection to steering rack

5. If a steering damper is fitted, unbolt it at the pinion end and remove it, complete with the moving end tube and bracket.

6. Set the steering in the straight-ahead position.

7. Slacken both clamp bolts on the flexible coupling. Push the coupling upwards as far as it will go.

8. Remove the front right-hand wheel.

9. Unbolt the steering gear mounting brackets from the bulkhead. Make sure that the pinion is free of the coupling, then withdraw the steering gear through the wheel arch.


10. Commence refitting by fastening the steering gear to the bulkhead. Tighten the mounting bracket bolts to the specified torque. Use new self-locking nuts on the mounting studs.

11. Before connecting the flexible coupling make sure the steering gear is in the straight-ahead position (see illustration).

Steering gear centralising diagram

A = 325 mm

12. Reconnect the flexible coupling.

13. Reconnect the tie-rods to the rack, remembering to fit the washers under the rod ends. (Note that the tie-rods are handed: they are fitted correctly when their clamp bolts are fitted from below). Fit the spacer plate or damper bracket and tighten the bolts to the specified torque, using new lockplates.

14. Refit the remaining components in the reverse order to removal.

Power steering


15. Refer to paragraphs 1 to 9, but additionally the flow and return pipes must be disconnected from the pinion housing. Allow the fluid to drain from the open unions, then plug the holes to keep dirt out. Introduction of dirt may seriously damage the hydraulic system.


16. Top-up and bleed the system on completion.

Steering gear - overhaul

1. Examine the steering gear assembly for signs of wear or damage and check that the rack moves freely throughout the full length of its travel with no signs of roughness or excessive free play between the steering gear pinion and rack. It is possible to overhaul the steering gear assembly housing components but this task should be entrusted to a Vauxhall dealer. The only components which can be renewed easily by the home mechanic are the steering gear bellows and the tie-rod ends which are covered elsewhere in this Chapter.

2. On models equipped with power-assisted steering inspect all the steering gear fluid unions for signs of leakage and check that all union nuts are securely tightened.

3. Inspect the rubber mountings and pinion gear cover renew them if the rubbers shown signs of wear or deterioration.

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