Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Front wing - removal and refitting


1. Remove the front trim panel.

2. Remove the direction indicator lamp unit.

3. Remove the wheel arch protective panelling by pushing the centres out of the plastic rivets and unclipping it from the edge of the wing.

Remove the headlamp washer reservoir, when fitted.

4. Remove the twelve bolts which secure the wing to the car. Free the wing from the sealing compound on its flanges and remove it.


5. Clean all sealant away from the body flange; commence refitting by applying a thick bead of new sealant.

6. Offer the wing to the vehicle and bolt it loosely into position. When it is correctly aligned with the surrounding bodywork, fully tighten the bolts.

7. Coat the inside of the wing with protective wax or similar compound; when necessary, paint the outside of the wing to match the rest of the car.

8. Refit the headlamp washer reservoir, when applicable.

9. Refit the wheel and protective panelling, using new plastic rivets or other proprietary fasteners.

10. Refit the direction indicator lamp and the front trim panel.

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