Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Rear window wiper motor - removal and refitting


Tailgate-mounted motor

1. Disconnect the battery earth lead.

2. Remove the wiper arm.

3. Remove the clamp nut from the wiper spindle.

4.Remove the tailgate inner trim panel.

5. Remove the contact pin nut and disconnect the wiper motor wire from it.

(On Estate models, simply disconnect the motor from the tailgate harness.)

6. Remove the two securing screws and carefully withdraw the motor and its wiring (see illustration).

Body electrical system
Rear wiper motor securing screws (arrowed) - tailgate-mounted motor

Window-mounted motor

7. Disconnect the battery earth lead.

8. Remove the rear wiper arm and withdraw the rubber cover from the spindle (see illustration).

9. Undo the retaining nut, withdraw the motor from its location a little way and support it (see illustration).

Body electrical system
Removing the window-mounted motor

10. Remove the tailgate inner trim panel by prising free the plastic retainers.

11. Remove the tailgate contact pins.

12. Detach the motor wiring from the retainer inside the tailgate. Remove the motor with its wiring and bracket.

13. To inspect the motor and control circuitry, remove the two screws which secure the bracket to the cover and the four screws which secure the cover to the motor. Remove the cover (see illustrations).

Body electrical system
Undo the retaining screws and remove the mounting bracket . . .

Body electrical system
. . . then undo the retaining screws . . .

Body electrical system
. . . and remove the motor cover to gain access to the motor wiring


14. Refit in the reverse order to removal, but check for correct operation before refitting the trim panel.

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