Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Windscreen/rear window washer system - general information

1. All models are fitted with an electrically-operated windscreen washer. The reservoir is mounted on the left-hand side of the engine bay; the pump is a push fit into a grommet in the base of the reservoir.

2. When a rear window washer is fitted, this uses a second pump which shares the same reservoir. A small bore tube carries the water through the car to the tailgate.

3. To renew a pump, first drain the reservoir (if necessary). Disconnect the electrical plug from the pump and rock the pump out of its grommet. Cut the tube off as close as possible to the pump outlet stub.

4. Use a new grommet when fitting a new pump. A short length of rubber hose should be used to connect the tube to the pump, as the tube is too stiff to pass over the outlet stub easily.

5. Washer jet aim can be adjusted by inserting a pin and carefully moving the jet.

Headlamp washer system - general information

1. When fitted, the headlamp washer system has its own reservoir and high pressure pump.

The reservoir is located in the engine bay, except on models with fuel injection and/or a trip computer, when it is located under the left-hand wheel arch.

2. A relay controls the headlamp washer pump so that it operates when the windscreen washer is in use and the headlamps are on.

3. The washer jets are located in the bumper overriders. They can only be renewed as an assembly; the front trim panel must be removed first.

4. Pump renewal is similar to that of the windscreen and rear window washer pumps. To remove the wheel arch protective panelling, press the centres out of the plastic rivets; use new rivets or clips on reassembly. The reservoir can be removed from under the wing after unscrewing its filler neck and removing the securing screw.

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