Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Vehicle unlocking, Seat adjustment

Vehicle unlocking

Turn the key in the driver's door lock

Turn the key in the driver's door lock to the front or press button to
unlock the doors and load compartment. Open the doors by pulling the handles. To open the tailgate, pull the button underneath the tailgate moulding.

Radio remote control, Central locking system, Load

Seat adjustment

Seat positioning

Pull handle, slide seat, release

Pull handle, slide seat, release handle.

Seat adjustment, Seat position.

Do not sit nearer than 25 cm (10 inches) from the steering wheel, to permit safe airbag deployment.

Seat backrests

Turn handwheel. Do not lean on seat

Turn handwheel. Do not lean on seat backrest when adjusting.

Seat adjustment, Seat position, Folding front passenger seat backrest.

Seat height

Lever pumping motion

Lever pumping motion
up = higher.

down = lower.    Seats, Seat position.

    In brief

    Head restraint adjustment, Seat belt, Mirror adjustment
    Head restraint adjustment Press release button, adjust height, engage. Head restraints. Seat belt Pull out the seat belt and engage in belt buckle. The seat belt ...

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