Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Vehicle messages, Warning chimes

Vehicle messages

Messages are given via the instrument panel display or as warning and signal buzzers. Check control messages appear on the Info-Display. Some appear in an abbreviated form. Confirm warning messages with the multifunction control.

Warning chimes

When starting the engine or whilst driving

■ If seat belt is not fastened.

■ If a door or the tailgate is not fully closed when starting off.

■ If a certain speed is exceeded with the parking brake applied.

■ If the speed limit programmed at the factory is exceeded.

■ If the vehicle has manual transmission automated and the driver's door is opened when the engine is running, a gear is engaged and the foot brake is not depressed.

■ Warning signal sounds three times if the rear carrier system is extended and reverse gear is selected.

When the vehicle is parked and the driver's door is opened

■ When the key is in the ignition switch.

■ With exterior lights on.

■ For manual transmission automated, if the parking brake is not applied and no gear is engaged when the engine is switched off.

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