Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Trip computer in Graphic-Info-Display or Color-Info-Display

The main page of the trip computer provides information on range, instantaneous consumption and average consumption of BC 1.

To display other trip computer data, press the BC button on the Infotainment system, select the trip computer menu from the display or press the left adjuster wheel on the steering wheel.

Select BC 1 or BC 2 from the trip computer menu.


Range is calculated from current fuel tank content and instantaneous consumption. The display shows average values.

After refuelling, the range is updated automatically after a brief delay.

When the fuel level in the tank is low,

When the fuel level in the tank is low, the message Range appears in the display.

When the fuel tank is nearly empty, the message Please refuel! appears in the display.

Instantaneous consumption
Instantaneous consumption

Displays the instantaneous consumption. At low speeds, consumption per hour is displayed.


Display of distance travelled.

Average speed

Display of average speed.

Stoppages in the journey with the ignition off are not included in the calculations.

Absolute consumption

Displays fuel consumed.

Average consumption

Displays average consumption.

Restart trip computer

The measurement or calculation of the following trip computer information can be restarted: ■ Distance,
■ Average speed,
■ Absolute consumption, ■ Average consumption.

Select BC 1 or BC 2 from the Board

Select BC 1 or BC 2 from the Board Computer menu.

The information of the two trip

The information of the two trip computers can be reset separately, making it possible to evaluate data from different time periods.

Select the required trip computer information and confirm.

To reset all information of a trip computer, select menu item All values.

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