Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Electronic driving programmes

■ Following a cold start, the operating temperature programme increases engine speed to quickly bring the catalytic converter to the required temperature.

■ The automatic neutral shift function automatically shifts to idling when the vehicle is stopped with a forward gear engaged.

■ The adaptive programme tailors gearshifting to the driving conditions, e.g. greater load or gradients.

Winter programme
Winter programme Activate the Winter programme to

Activate the Winter programme to assist starting off on a slippery road surface.


Press the R, N, D or button with P,
R, N, D or
3 engaged. The vehicle starts off in 3rd gear.


The Winter programme is switched off by:
■ pressing the ■ manually selecting 2 or 1, button again,
■ manually selecting 2 or 1, ■ turning off the ignition, ■ or if the transmission oil temperature is too high.


If the accelerator pedal is pressed past the pressure point, the transmission shifts to a lower gear depending on engine speed.


In the event of a fault, A illuminates.

The transmission no longer shifts automatically. Continued travel is possible with manual shifting.

2nd gear is not available. Manual shifting:
1 = 1st gear.

2 = 3rd gear.

3, D = 4th gear.

Have the cause of the fault remedied by a workshop.

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