Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Refuelling


Before refuelling, switch off engine and any external heaters with combustion chambers (identified by sticker on fuel filler flap). Switch off any mobile phones.

Follow the operating and safety instructions of the filling station when refuelling.

Fuel is flammable and explosive.

No smoking. No naked flames or sparks.

If you can smell fuel in your vehicle, have the cause of this remedied immediately by
a workshop.

Fuel filler flap is located at right rear side of vehicle.

With a central locking system with remote control, the fuel filler flap is unlocked at the same time as the doors.

Open fuel filler flap.

Unlock the fuel filler cap with the

Unlock the fuel filler cap with the ignition key, unscrew and remove.

The fuel filler cap can be retained in the bracket on the fuel filler flap.

Wipe off any overflowing fuel immediately.

Fuel filler cap

Only a genuine fuel filler cap provides full functionality. Diesel-engined vehicles have special fuel filler caps.

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