Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Fuel consumption - CO2-Emissions

The determination of fuel consumption is regulated by European directive 80/1268/EEC (latest edition 2004/3/EC).

The directive is oriented to actual driving practices: Urban driving is rated at approx. 1/3 and extra urban driving with approx. 2/3. Cold starts and acceleration phases are also taken into consideration.

The specification of CO2 emission is also a constituent of the directive.

The figures given must not be taken as a guarantee for the actual fuel consumption of a particular vehicle.

Furthermore, fuel consumption is dependent on personal driving style as well as road and traffic conditions.

All values are based on the EU base model with standard equipment.

The calculation of fuel consumption takes into account the vehicle's kerb weight, ascertained in accordance with the regulations. Optional equipment may result in slightly higher fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels and a lower maximum speed.

Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions 3 190.

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