Opel Corsa Owners Manual: Fuses, Engine compartment fuse box


Data on the replacement fuse must match the data on the defective fuse.

There are three fuse boxes in the vehicle:
■ in the front left of the engine compartment,
■ in the interior behind the light switch, or, in right-hand drive vehicles, behind the glovebox, ■ behind a cover on the left side of the load compartment.

Before replacing a fuse, turn off the respective switch and the ignition.

A blown fuse can be recognised by its melted wire. Do not replace the fuse until the cause of the fault has been remedied.

Some functions are protected by several fuses.

Fuses may also be inserted without existence of a function.

Engine compartment fuse box

Engine compartment fuse box

Engine compartment fuse box
Engine compartment fuse box

The fuse box is in the front left of the engine compartment.

Disengage the cover, lift it upwards and remove.

1. Starter.

1. Starter.

2. Air conditioning system.

3. Diesel fuel filter heater.

4. Horn.

5. Manual transmission
automated, automatic

6. Engine control unit.

7. Fog lights.

8. Engine cooling.

9. Engine cooling.

10. Manual transmission

11. Glow plugs, ignition system.

12. Headlight range adjustment, Adaptive forward lighting.

13. Air conditioning system.

14. Manual transmission

15. High beam (right).

16. High beam (left).

17. Main relay.

18. Engine control unit.

19. Airbags.

20. Main relay.

21. Main relay.

22. Central control unit.

23. Tyre repair kit.

24. Fuel pump.

25. ABS.

26. Heated rear window.

27. ABS.

28. Interior fan.

29. Cigarette lighter.

30. Air conditioning system.

31. Power window (left).

32. Power window (right).

33. Heated exterior mirrors.

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