Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Vents and grilles - removal and refitting

1. The flat grilles at each end of the facia simply unclip. According to equipment level they may also cover a loudspeaker (see illustration).

Cooling, heating and ventilation systems
Removing an end grille and speaker

2. The swivelling vents can be unclipped after swivelling them downwards as far as possible.

The side vent housings are secured by a single screw and clips (see illustration); the clips will probably be destroyed during removal.

Cooling, heating and ventilation systems
Removing a swivelling vent housing securing screw

3. The centre vent housing is secured by four screws, two above and two below (see illustration). The lower screws also secure the radio surround. This housing also carries the clock, when fitted, which must be disconnected when removing the housing.

Cooling, heating and ventilation systems
Removing a centre vent housing screw

4. The air extraction grilles on the outside of the vehicle can be carefully prised out of their locations with a wooden or plastic wedge, being careful not to damage the paintwork.

5. All these components can be refitted by simply clipping and/or screwing them back into position

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