Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: General information

The fuel system consists of a fuel tank mounted under the rear of the car, a mechanical fuel pump and a carburettor. The fuel pump is operated by an eccentric on the camshaft and is mounted on the rear of the cylinder head. The air cleaner contains a disposable paper filter element and incorporates a flap valve air temperature control system which allows cold air from the outside of the car and warm air from the exhaust manifold to enter the air cleaner in the correct proportions.

The fuel pump lifts fuel from the fuel tank via a filter and supplies it to the carburettor.

Excess fuel is returned from the antipercolation chamber to the fuel tank.

Warning: Many of the procedures in this Chapter require the removal of fuel lines and connections which may result in some fuel spillage.

Before carrying out any operation on the fuel system refer to the precautions given in Safety first! at the beginning of this Manual and follow them implicitly. Petrol is a highly dangerous and volatile liquid and the precautions necessary when handling it cannot be overstressed.

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