Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Rear anti-roll bar - removal and refitting

Main roll bar


1. Slacken the rear wheel bolts on one side only. Raise and support the rear of the vehicle and remove the roadwheel.

2. Remove the mounting nut and bolt from both ends of the anti-roll bar (see illustration).

Suspension and steering
Rear anti-roll bar mounting nut and bolt (arrowed)

3. Remove the rubber damper from the centre of the axle.

4. Remove the anti-roll bar from the side on which the wheel was removed. If it is reluctant to move, drive it from the other side.


5. Refit in the reverse order to removal. Use liquid detergent as a lubricant when fitting the rubber damper. Tighten the anti-roll bar mountings to the specified torque.

Auxiliary anti-roll bar - 2.0 litre 16- valve models


6. Raise and support the rear of the car.

7. Remove the two nuts and bolts from each end of the anti-roll bar (see illustration).

Suspension and steering
Auxiliary anti-roll bar mounting - 2.

litre 16-valve models


8. Refitting is the reverse of the removal procedure. Tighten the fastenings to the specified torque.

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