Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Rear quarterlight (opening type) - removal and refitting


1. Unclip the interior trim panels from around the quarterlight.

2. Remove the three screws which secure the catch to the body.

3. Unscrew the two special nuts which hold the hinges to the front of the quarterlight.

Remove the quarterlight and recover the hinge securing components.

4. Transfer the catch to the new quarterlight, if applicable, by drilling out the connecting pin and unscrewing the glass fitting. Use a new connecting pin on reassembly.


5. Refit in the reverse order to removal.

Rear quarterlight (opening type) - weatherstrip renewal

1. Remove the quarterlight, as described in the previous Section.

2. Cut the old weatherstrip and rubber mount from the body flange. Clean up the flange, but do not remove the old adhesive completely.

3. Clean the mating face of the new weatherstrip with petrol or other suitable solvent, taking appropriate precautions.

4. Apply a 6 mm bead of polyurethane-based glass adhesive on top of the remains of the old adhesive.

5. Fit the new weatherstrip, refit the quarterlight and keep it closed for at least four hours (or as advised by the makers of the adhesive) to allow the adhesive to set.

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