Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Repair and overhaul tool kit

These tools are virtually essential for anyone undertaking any major repairs to a motor vehicle, and are additional to those given in the Maintenance and minor repair list.

Included in this list is a comprehensive set of sockets. Although these are expensive, they will be found invaluable as they are so versatile - particularly if various drives are included in the set. We recommend the halfinch square-drive type, as this can be used with most proprietary torque wrenches. If you cannot afford a socket set, even bought piecemeal, then inexpensive tubular box spanners are a useful alternative.

The tools in this list will occasionally need to be supplemented by tools from the Special list.

  • Sockets (or box spanners) to cover range in previous list (including Torx sockets)
  • Reversible ratchet drive (for use with sockets)
  • Extension piece, 250 mm (for use with sockets)
  • Universal joint (for use with sockets)
  • Torque wrench (for use with sockets)
  • Self-locking grips
  • Ball pein hammer
  • Soft-faced mallet (plastic/aluminium or rubber)
  • Screwdrivers:
    Flat blade - long & sturdy, short (chubby), and narrow (electricians) types
    Cross blade - Long & sturdy, and short (chubby) types
  • Pliers:
    Side cutters (electricians)
    Circlip (internal and external)
  • Cold chisel - 25 mm
  • Scriber
  • Scraper
  • Centre punch
  • Pin punch
  • Hacksaw
  • Brake hose clamp
  • Brake/clutch bleeding kit
  • Selection of twist drills
  • Steel rule/straight-edge
  • Allen keys (inc. splined/Torx type)
  • Selection of files
  • Wire brush
  • Axle-stands
  • Jack (strong trolley or hydraulic type)
  • Light with extension lead

Sockets and reversible ratchet drive
Sockets and reversible ratchet drive

Spline key set
Spline key set

Spline bit set
Spline bit set

Valve spring compressor

Two- and three legged bearing puller

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    Special tools
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