Opel Corsa B 1993–2000 Service and Repair Manual: Special tools

The tools in this list are those which are not used regularly, are expensive to buy, or which need to be used in accordance with their manufacturers' instructions. Unless relatively difficult mechanical jobs are undertaken frequently, it will not be economic to buy many of these tools. Where this is the case, you could consider clubbing together with friends (or joining a motorists' club) to make a joint purchase, or borrowing the tools against a deposit from a local garage or tool hire specialist. It is worth noting that many of the larger DIY superstores now carry a large range of special tools for hire at modest rates.

The following list contains only those tools and instruments freely available to the public, and not those special tools produced by the vehicle manufacturer specifically for its dealer network. You will find occasional references to these manufacturers' special tools in the text of this manual. Generally, an alternative method of doing the job without the vehicle manufacturers' special tool is given. However, sometimes there is no alternative to using them. Where this is the case and the relevant tool cannot be bought or borrowed, you will have to entrust the work to a franchised garage.

  • Valve spring compressor
  • Valve grinding tool
  • Piston ring compressor
  • Piston ring removal/installation tool
  • Cylinder bore hone
  • Balljoint separator
  • Coil spring compressors (where applicable)
  • Two/three-legged hub and bearing puller
  • Impact screwdriver
  • Micrometer and/or vernier calipers
  • Dial gauge
  • Stroboscopic timing light
  • Dwell angle meter/tachometer
  • Universal electrical multi-meter
  • Cylinder compression gauge
  • Hand-operated vacuum pump and gauge
  • Clutch plate alignment set
  • Brake shoe steady spring cup removal tool
  • Bush and bearing removal/installation set
  • Stud extractors
  • Tap and die set
  • Lifting tackle
  • Trolley jack

Stroboscopic timing light
Stroboscopic timing light

Micrometer set
Micrometer set

Cylinder compression gauge
Cylinder compression gauge

Vernier calipers
Vernier calipers

Clutch plate alignment set
Clutch plate alignment set

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